Meet the Geminoid F, the first humanoid robot to star in a movie

Monday, 30/November/2015 - at 11:45 PM

Meet the Geminoid F, the most popular in a series of humanoid robots built by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories, and the first to become a bona fide movie star. The robot, which is designed to look like an adult woman, has been built as part of an ongoing project in Osaka University in Japan. While still…

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Is Big Data analytics the secret to improving cancer treatment?

Monday, 30/November/2015 - at 11:42 PM

The American Society of Clinical Oncologists believes that advances in cancer treatment will only emerge if oncologists and researchers are able to access, search, and utilize all of the information that exists on the disease. To achieve this goal, ASCO teamed with SAP to create CancerLinQ, a rapid learning health system for oncology that runs…

Read More Buys Corona Labs For $2.3 Million, Will Combine Cross-Platform App Development With A Rewards Platform

Monday, 30/November/2015 - at 11:16 PM

 Mobile rewards platform maker, which makes apps that reward you for watching TV, unlocking your phone, online shopping, surfing the web and more, announced this morning its plans to acquire the mobile app development platform Corona Labs for a total of $2.3 million. This is the second time Corona Labs has been acquired – in 2014, Fuse…

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