U.S. FCC expected to impose $2 billion budget cap on low-income subsidy

Thursday, 31/March/2016 - at 11:56 PM

(Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is expected to approve a $2 billion a year budget cap as part of an expansion of a subsidy for low-income Americans for phone and internet services, two sources briefed on the talks said. U.S. FCC expected to impose billion budget cap on low-income subsidy Source: Reuters –…

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Thanks to Microsoft, small teams can now get Xamarin’s IDE and core tools for free

Thursday, 31/March/2016 - at 11:53 PM

 Microsoft acquired the cross-platform iOS, Android and OS X development service Xamarin last month and the new acquisition is already at the center of attention at Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference this week. As the company announced during today’s keynote, the core Xamarin tools are now available for free as part of the free Visual Studio…

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Cyber criminals 'hacked law firms'

Thursday, 31/March/2016 - at 11:50 PM

Cyber criminals have been targeting major law firms in what may be an attempt to gather information for insider trading deals, according to reports. Cyber criminals 'hacked law firms' Source: BBC – Technology

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Microsoft celebrates strong Azure adoption at Build 2016

Thursday, 31/March/2016 - at 11:48 PM

 Microsoft’s Azure cloud services are growing at an increasing clip, and at the company’s Build conference today, it showed off some of the numbers it for the past year. At last year’s conference, Microsoft celebrated that it had 100k new Azure customer subscriptions per month, but it today revealed that the rate of growth has…

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Microsoft shows fruits of Xamarin acquisition with Visual Studio integration and more

Thursday, 31/March/2016 - at 11:45 PM

In its continuing push towards making its tools available across platforms, Microsoft announced Thursday that it will give Windows developers using .NET the native ability inside Visual Studio to write applications to Android and iOS. It’s all thanks to tools from Xamarin, a company that Microsoft acquired earlier this year. Using Xamarin’s SDK, developers can…

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5 things you need to know about two-factor authentication

Thursday, 31/March/2016 - at 11:35 PM

One of the best pieces of security advice any computer expert can give you is to enable two-factor authentication for websites that support it. With password breaches so common nowadays, it could be the one thing that keeps hackers from stealing your identity online. Here are five points to help you understand this technology.Two-factor authentication…

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New wireless tech from MIT promises password-free Wi-Fi

Thursday, 31/March/2016 - at 11:34 PM

New wireless technology developed by researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab promises to kill the Wi-Fi password at last.Dubbed Chronos, the new system enables a single Wi-Fi access point to locate users to within tens of centimeters without relying on any external sensors. What that means is that it could figure out…

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