Makani's energy kite is a smarter wind turbine

Tuesday, 31/May/2016 - at 11:54 PM

Kites aren’t just for kids anymore. Just ask Makani Power, which is developing a smart energy kite that can generate up to 50 percent more electricity than a conventional wind turbine. The company has been part of Google X since 2013, working to come up with a new, more efficient way to transform wind into…

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Hands-on review: Computex: Asus ZenBook 3

Tuesday, 31/May/2016 - at 11:45 PM

There’s a saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but not for Asus. The ZenBook 3 is the Taiwanese electronics firm’s latest 12.5 inch MacBook-killing Ultrabook. It doesn’t just so much imitate as it does completely destroy Apple’s ultrathin laptop in specs and price.Weighing in at a scant 2 pounds and 11.9mm…

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Nearly 1 in 4 people abandon mobile apps after only one use

Tuesday, 31/May/2016 - at 11:39 PM

 Apple’s iTunes App Store is home to over 1.5 million apps and Google Play hosts over 2 million, but the number of apps that actually get installed and used on consumers’ devices is still quite small. We already knew that people only interacted with a small handful of third-party apps on a regular basis, and now, according…

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Sirin Labs shows off $14K, super private Solarin smartphone, on sale June 1

Tuesday, 31/May/2016 - at 11:36 PM

 Is the world ready for another smartphone? How about one that will cost $14,000 for its most basic model? Today, Sirin Labs — a startup put together by a team of founders out of Israel — used an event in London to unveil the Solarin, a privacy-first device “aimed at the international businessperson who carries a lot of…

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Round up: Best free Microsoft Office alternatives 2016

Tuesday, 31/May/2016 - at 11:30 PM

IntroductionWith Office 2016, Microsoft has made several enhancements to security and productivity, including a much-needed overhaul of Excel. However, at £120 (US$120, AU$179) for the home edition it’s a substantial investment – especially if you’re unlikely to use its more advanced features regularly.Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 has a lower entry price of £8 (US$10, AU$12)…

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Riotoro emerges with PC power supplies, liquid cooling gear, and gaming keyboards

Tuesday, 31/May/2016 - at 11:18 PM

Earlier in 2016, a new PC component company called Riotoro—made up of former Corsair and Nvidia employees—launched its first major product, the Prism CR1280 PC case. Now, Riotoro is using Computex to emerge more fully from the shadows, filling out its component lineup with gaming keyboards, PC power supplies, a liquid CPU cooler, and a…

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Hyperoptic adds locations to network footprint

Tuesday, 31/May/2016 - at 11:15 PM

FTTP supplier Hyperoptic expands its ultrafast broadband offering into seven more towns and cities Hyperoptic adds locations to network footprint Source: Computer Weekly – Networking

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