In depth: How to make sure your next car is future-proofed

Sunday, 31/July/2016 - at 11:00 PM

Cars – the next tech milestoneWhenever we buy a new piece of technology, we have to weigh the decision carefully. With a phone it isn’t simply a case of picking the device with the biggest screen or the fastest processor; there’s a more fundamental decision: iPhone or Android? Whichever you choose will lock you into…

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Amazon has plans for headphones that mute themselves in an emergency

Sunday, 31/July/2016 - at 9:50 PM

The world of patents is always an interesting one to peer into – they can often reveal clues about some of the ideas companies are kicking around before they’re prepared to make those ideas public.In that spirit we present to you some new patents filed by Apple and spotted by CNN: noise-cancelling headphones that will…

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In depth: Why 3D printing will save your life one day

Sunday, 31/July/2016 - at 8:50 PM

A 3D futureThe simple fact is really sick and desperate people are left frustrated by modern medicine for a number of reasons.Those seeking transplants have to wait on long lists, and if they do eventually find a donor, their body might reject the tissue. Patients in need of casts or equipment to help them heal…

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