GoPro got smoked in 2016 — here's how it can turn around in 2017

Saturday, 31/December/2016 - at 11:33 PM

GoPro got absolutely smoked in 2016. Shortly thereafter, GoPro (GPRO) was forced to issue a recall of the Karma, as the drones were losing power mid-flight. The result: GoPro was forced to cut 15% of its workforce — about 200 full-time jobs — and shutter its entertainment division. GoPro got smoked in 2016 — here's…

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Toymakers are the early adopters pushing AR into the mainstream

Saturday, 31/December/2016 - at 11:30 PM

 One indicator of how the market is apparently more comfortable with AR than it is with its immersive sibling, VR, is that one of its earliest adopters are toymakers. Read More Toymakers are the early adopters pushing AR into the mainstream Source: Tech Crunch

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Is scoring your sleep worth paying for?

Saturday, 31/December/2016 - at 10:30 PM

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so we all know how important sleep is, but are we doing it right? With the new year approaching, and 'get more sleep' an oft-heard resolution, you need to know the best way technology can help you do that.There are currently three ways of learning about –…

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Kayako’s CEO on building a bootstrapped business

Saturday, 31/December/2016 - at 10:18 PM

 Kayako isn’t a new company — the bootstrapped business has been around for 16 years — but it does have an interesting story. Kayako has never taken outside funding. It has offices in three countries, is profitable and continues to grow. TechCrunch visited their London headquarters to chat with founder and CEO Varun Shoor to…

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Apple might have a plan to keep your AirPods in your ears

Saturday, 31/December/2016 - at 10:15 PM

You're not the only one worried about your brand new AirPods falling out of your ears during the morning jog – Apple has been thinking a lot about it too, as a patent recently published at Patently Apple shows.The patent, which was filed back in the first half of the year, shows a strap that…

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Protect your phone from secret spyware

Saturday, 31/December/2016 - at 8:00 PM

The smartphone has become one of the most important tools in millions of Americans’ lives. Protect your phone from secret spyware Source: Foxnews – Technology

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What to expect from Apple in 2017

Saturday, 31/December/2016 - at 7:01 PM

Apple had a relatively quiet 2016 – no new product categories, few Mac releases, one new iPad, a new Watch… and while there were three new iPhones, they shared their design heavily with their predecessors. We did, however, get new versions of four operating systems, which is impressive in itself.Next year we expect things to…

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