GV’s Tom Hulme on AI, life sciences, and the Alphabet VC’s future in Europe

Friday, 31/March/2017 - at 11:59 PM

 GV — the VC owned by Google’s Alphabet and formerly known as Google Ventures — has had a few ups and downs in Europe since first setting up its stall here in London in 2014. It initially stormed into the market with $125 million to invest in its first year, along with four permanent partners (Tom Hulme, Avid Larizadeh…

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Intel's speed-boosting Optane Memory won't work with Celeron and Pentium PCs

Friday, 31/March/2017 - at 11:47 PM

Intel’s revolutionary new non-volatile Optane Memory wants to make hard drives as fast as SSDs, but apparently not if you bought a PC on the cheap.The super-fast Optane Memory M.2 drives announced Monday not only require a Kaby Lake processor, but a Core one at that, as first spotted by The Tech Report. According to Intel’s…

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Starbucks is going to try out a mobile order-only store

Friday, 31/March/2017 - at 11:45 PM

 Starbucks introduced its mobile ordering system in 2015, and it’s been a victim of its own success in some ways. Customers at popular spots are eager to use the mobile ordering system to choose their selection and pay in advance, in the hopes of avoiding a line – but they’re having to wait anyway, thanks…

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This AI device will be your personal assistant for the car 

Friday, 31/March/2017 - at 11:38 PM

Meet Chris. The first AI device to keep your digital life connected while you’re behind the wheel. The no-touch gadget is designed for drivers so they can keep their eyes on the road. Chris listens and talks to you using artificial intelligence and understands speech recognition and gesture control. Now when you get a call,…

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