DirecTV satellite is at risk of explosion due to battery issues

Thursday, 23/January/2020 - at 10:36 AM

DirecTV has one month to remove a satellite from geostationary orbit, so it doesn’t take other satellites down with it if it ends up exploding. The AT&T-owned TV service fears that its Spaceway-1 satellite (a Boeing 702HP model) might explode due to battery issues that started manifesting in December. According to SpaceNews, DirecTV…

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Microsoft gets the ball rolling on Surface Duo apps

Thursday, 23/January/2020 - at 9:07 AM

Microsoft has moved one step closer to making its dual-screen Surface devices a practical reality. The tech giant has released a preview toolkit to help developers make apps for its Android-powered Surface Duo, including Java frameworks and emulation that can handle the two-screen device. This is rough code, to put it mildly, but…

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