3 big trends shaping the AI ecosystem right now

Wednesday, 25/July/2018 - at 3:00 PM

From ride shares to smart power grids and from healthcare to our online lives, AI is being propelled out of labs and into our daily lives. Microsoft is betting that conservation-focused AI can save our planet, while Facebook sees it as a silver bullet to rooting out harmful content. Tesla CEO Elon Musk…

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Better business results require diversity and an inclusive culture

Tuesday, 3/July/2018 - at 8:00 PM

Diversity (or more specifically, lack of it) in technology is a hot topic that sees a lot of headlines. By now everyone knows that there is a significant diversity challenge in our industry. At the same time, the technology industry is in the midst of a talent war. Tech jobs are growing at…

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6 developer challenges solved with Mobile SDK 1.7 and OTK 4.3

Thursday, 21/June/2018 - at 8:00 PM

Summer is here, and for many that entails a much-needed vacation or (ideally) a reduced workload. And when it comes to a hefty workload, mobile development teams come to mind as a group that is characteristically busy. Today, CA is unveiling Mobile SDK 1.7 and OAuth Toolkit 4.3, with new features that will…

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Come together, right now… Over the future of work

Wednesday, 20/June/2018 - at 12:53 AM

Although the United States and Europe have maintained a strong allegiance for decades, it is perhaps no secret that there is growing tension between the two given recent shifts in their respective political and regulatory landscapes.  As we work through these challenges, it has become increasingly important for public and private sector leaders…

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It’s all about the data

Wednesday, 6/June/2018 - at 12:31 AM

The technology landscape is evolving faster than you can say “digital transformation”, and it is more important than ever to embrace change and adapt IT systems for better business outcomes. To do this, it is imperative that companies deliver innovations rapidly, utilizing design-led, experience-focused and customer-centric insights to execute. This week at CA’s…

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