Corporate Responsibility for Distracted Driving

Wednesday, 11/January/2017 - at 4:20 PM

The family of a girl who was killed when the car she was in was rear-ended by a driver using his iPhone’s Facetime app has sued not only the driver, but also Apple. The family says iPhones should disable video and other distracting apps when they are being used by a driver. Should it be…

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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Our Lives?

Monday, 5/December/2016 - at 4:20 PM

From driverless cars and smart robots to drones and computer chess champions, is technology making our lives more interesting, convenient and safer? Or is it evolving faster than we can absorb? This is a collaboration with Turning Points, a magazine published by The New York Times international edition, that explores what critical moments from this…

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Is Digital Connectedness Good or Bad for People?

Monday, 28/November/2016 - at 4:20 PM

People of all ages are spending more and more time online. Does this digital trend improve lives or hurt them? Responses: A Way to Explore and Build Relationships We Wouldn't Otherwise Form Noa Gafni Slaney, Impact Squared Online Sharing and Selfies Erode the Value of Our Private Lives Emerson Csorba, educational policy adviser Online Activism…

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How to Stop the Spread of Fake News

Tuesday, 22/November/2016 - at 4:20 PM

After the election, once it became clear that social media played an oversize role in the viral spread of incendiary fake news — a controversy even President Obama weighed in on — many tech companies vowed to change practices. Both Google and Facebook have pulled their advertising services from fake news sites, but many, including…

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Silicon Valley Goes to Washington

Monday, 24/October/2016 - at 3:20 PM

Silicon Valley is rapidly gaining influence in Washington. The top five tech companies spent more than double what the top five banks did in lobbying last year, and a number of high-profile government employees have decamped to the tech world, and vice versa. But the government has long been “behind the times” on certain technological…

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Does ISIS Need Territory to Survive?

Friday, 21/October/2016 - at 3:20 PM

A campaign to retake Mosul from the Islamic State, or ISIS, is underway in Iraq. In the weeks ahead, Iraqi security forces, allied militias, Kurdish forces and United States air support is planned in the assault on the city, which is ISIS’s population center and its last major stronghold in Iraq. But will losing Mosul…

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The Plant That Heals, or Kills?

Wednesday, 19/October/2016 - at 3:20 PM

As overdose deaths from opioid pain relievers soar, more people say a plant called kratom, grown largely in Thailand, and its derivatives, are alternatives to pain killers and can wean them off opiates. But others say it merely creates another form of addiction and danger. In a highly unusual move last week, the United States…

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Can the U.S.-Philippine Alliance Survive Duterte?

Tuesday, 18/October/2016 - at 3:20 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has pledged to distance his country from its most important ally, the United States. His visit to China, this week, could indicate how far he will go. He has already announced that the coming joint military exercise with the United States will be the last. The Philippines, and its…

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How to Energize Demoralized Voters

Monday, 17/October/2016 - at 3:20 PM

This year’s presidential campaign is one of the most contentious of all time. But all the heat has created little light for many Americans, particularly with two unpopular candidates. Many people are fed up. The percentage of people who say they are likely to vote is quite depressed, particular among young people, only 47 percent…

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What's Behind the Spreading Creepy Clown Hysteria?

Saturday, 15/October/2016 - at 12:35 AM

News reports of menacing clowns — lurking in woods, luring children, threatening violence — have multiplied quickly over the past few months, spreading from state to state, and now to Britain and Europe. While many reports of clown sightings appear to be hoaxes, the hysteria seems to be inspiring copy-cat pranks and occasional acts of…

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