AMD's next-gen Radeon graphics cards will ditch blower coolers

Saturday, 7/March/2020 - at 3:26 AM

The Radeon news keeps a-coming in the wake of AMD’s portentous Financial Analyst Day. After showing off an exciting graphics roadmap and introducing a new “CNDA” compute-focused GPU architecture that could foretell big changes for Radeon’s gaming capabilities, Radeon chief Scott Herkelman took to the r/amd subreddit to confirm that AMD’s next-gen graphics…

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How AMD's new compute GPUs could alter Radeon's gamer DNA forever

Friday, 6/March/2020 - at 11:40 PM

AMD gave us a glimpse of its future this week, divulging new information about its Radeon and Ryzen roadmaps during the company’s Financial Analyst Day. Lots of new information was disseminated, but as PCWorld’s resident GPU expert, the part that jumped out at me was the introduction of “CDNA,” a new, compute-specific graphics…

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Too much more for most

Friday, 6/March/2020 - at 9:20 PM

I feel like I need to give Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra two scores. If I’m reviewing it solely on the merits of its components and what it can do, it’s easily a five-star device, with only the smallest of perceptible flaws.The 6.9-inch display is remarkably bright and incredibly smooth when the 120Hz refresh…

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