Facebook’s Internet.Org Hits Global Flak

Monday, 18/May/2015 - at 9:45 PM

Groups in Indonesia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere join Indian counterparts in criticizing Internet.org’s practices.In January Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg clinched the first Latin American customer for Internet.org, which lets people use certain websites and apps without incurring data charges. Standing with Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, he announced that the mobile carrier Tigo would provide…

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Single Cells Analyzed at Unprecedented Scale

Monday, 18/May/2015 - at 12:00 PM

A microscopic quest to find out what we’re really made of.How many types of cells are there in the human body? Textbooks say a couple of hundred. But the true number is undoubtedly far larger. Single Cells Analyzed at Unprecedented Scale Source: Technology Review

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Three Questions for Twitter (and now Super) Cofounder Biz Stone

Friday, 15/May/2015 - at 8:25 PM

The Twitter cofounder talks about his latest social app, Super, and why it looks like technicolor pop art.Biz Stone loves using technology to help people communicate. Sometimes it works really well: Twitter, which he cofounded, is used by 302 million people each month. Sometimes it doesn’t: Jelly, an app he cofounded in 2013 that lets…

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Machine-Learning Algorithm Calculates Fair Distance for a Race Between Usain Bolt and Long-Distance Runner Mo Farah

Friday, 15/May/2015 - at 12:00 PM

In an entirely new model of athletic performance, three numbers characterize an athlete’s capability over short, middle, and long-distance racesIt’s obviously unfair to compare the performance of sprinters and long-distance runners. These endeavors place entirely different demands on the body, which is why good sprinters are entirely unsuited to the demands of marathon running and…

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