BA computer woes leave flights cancelled and passengers stranded

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 9:53 PM

If you’re trying to take off on a British Airways flight from London today then you might not be in the best of moods – a serious computer malfunction has left planes on the tarmac, with all flights from Gatwick and Heathrow cancelled until at least 6pm on Saturday May 27.”We apologise for the current…

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Google makes it easier to find your own stuff from the search box

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 9:00 PM

Google has begun rolling out a new Personal tab on its search results page, so users can quickly switch to looking through their own stuff rather than the web at large: items from Gmail, Google Photos and other Google services are included.The search capabilities aren’t actually new – you’ve long been able to search through…

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Best drones 2017

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 7:30 PM

Once the stuff of a madman’s dreams, drones are now very much a reality – so much so that it’s possible to own one of these flying technological wonders for a surprisingly small amount of cash. As the general public’s appetite for these devices grows, so too does the sheer volume of options available. The drone…

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The iPhone 8 could come with its own AI chip built in

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 5:00 PM

All the biggest tech firms in the world are battling for superiority in the field of artificial intelligence, and it seems that Apple’s next move will be to fit a dedicated AI processor inside its iPhones and other hardware, adding a serious performance boost to its automated algorithms.Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the chip is…

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Computex 2017: what to expect from the year’s biggest computing show

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 5:13 AM

Computex 2017 is next week, and the biggest brands and most die-hard fans in computing will descend upon Taipei, Taiwan. It’s arguably the most important show of the year for the desktop, laptop and components you’ll want to buy.This is the show for folks who are left disillusioned by the lack of overclocking competitions and…

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Google co-founder's next big project is reportedly a record-setting airship

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 3:44 AM

Big names in tech have a reputation for working on something else in their free time, such as that time Mark Zuckerberg built a digital assistant for his house last year. However, a side project from Alphabet’s top executive may be taking on gargantuan proportions.Google co-founder and Alphabet president Sergey Brin is reportedly working on…

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Obama anticipates a future economy challenged by driverless cars and automation

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 3:04 AM

Former US President Barack Obama is speaking out on automation and driverless cars, including the impact the futuristic tech – that’s closer to reality than it once was – could have on the economy. Obama, writing in The Guardian, discusses a number of issues related to climate change, including food security and the changing workforce. He…

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Is Gionee's four-eyed camera phone as good as it seems?

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 2:33 AM

Having a camera on your smartphone isn’t much of a luxury anymore. Even dual lens systems are becoming less novel by the day. But what if your phone had four cameras? This very phone exists in the form of the Gionee S10, which will release in China soon.It will have two cameras (20MP + 8MP)…

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Don’t worry, we only wasted a million years watching TV last quarter

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 2:31 AM

Technology isn’t a popularity contest. But, if it were, TVs would be winning. According to two new polls, not only are TVs the most owned technology in America with 96% of households owning a big-screen, but they’re also used 92% of the time to watch video content by adults aged 18 years or older – far…

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Save up to £50 on BT Broadband and Infinity deals until 1 June

Saturday, 27/May/2017 - at 2:24 AM

If you’re planning to take this Bank Holiday to finally get your new broadband sorted out, then BT has just made its broadband and Infinity fibre offers a lot more tempting.Gone are the £20 and £50 activation fees that BT was previously charging to get new customers up and running. The only thing you’ll now…

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