DOJ letter reveals the FBI recently cracked an iPhone 11

Thursday, 23/January/2020 - at 12:21 PM

While the Department of Justice, US attorney general and even the president continue to pressure Apple for additional technical support in unlocking iPhones tied to the naval base shooting in December, a letter reveals that the FBI recently cracked a password-protected iPhone 11. That phone belonged to Lev Parnas, an associate of the…

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DirecTV satellite is at risk of explosion due to battery issues

Thursday, 23/January/2020 - at 10:36 AM

DirecTV has one month to remove a satellite from geostationary orbit, so it doesn’t take other satellites down with it if it ends up exploding. The AT&T-owned TV service fears that its Spaceway-1 satellite (a Boeing 702HP model) might explode due to battery issues that started manifesting in December. According to SpaceNews, DirecTV…

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Microsoft gets the ball rolling on Surface Duo apps

Thursday, 23/January/2020 - at 9:07 AM

Microsoft has moved one step closer to making its dual-screen Surface devices a practical reality. The tech giant has released a preview toolkit to help developers make apps for its Android-powered Surface Duo, including Java frameworks and emulation that can handle the two-screen device. This is rough code, to put it mildly, but…

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Yo Facebook & Instagram, stop showing Stories reruns

Thursday, 23/January/2020 - at 8:55 AM

If I watch a Story cross-posted from Instagram to Facebook on either of the apps, it should appear as “watched” at the back of the Stories row on the other app. It’s been over two years since Instagram Stories launched cross-posting to Stories. Countless hours of each feature’s 500 million daily users have…

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