Snapchat's Time Machine lens lets you slide between young and old

Thursday, 21/November/2019 - at 6:00 PM

Earlier this year, the FaceApp filter that made people look old and wrinkled in selfies went viral. Then we learned that the Russian-developed selfie-editing app was uploading users’ photos to the cloud and that it required “full and irrevocable access to their personal photos and data.” That temporarily killed the craze, but now,…

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PayPal buys money-saving service Honey for $4 billion

Thursday, 21/November/2019 - at 5:02 PM

Even before it split with eBay, money transfer service PayPal consistently sought new ways to part consumers from their cash. It hasn’t strayed far from its core competences, acquiring payment companies like Braintree (and as a result Venmo), Xoom and iZettle, but its latest purchase will see the company dive right back into…

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Google Assistant uses ‘Duplex on the Web’ to buy your movie tickets

Thursday, 21/November/2019 - at 4:01 PM

Since last year, you’ve been able to purchase movie tickets using your voice with Google Assistant and Fandango. Today, Google is enhancing that capability to make it more versatile. Google Assistant uses ‘Duplex on the Web’ to buy your movie tickets Source: – Technology

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Michael Grimes, "Wall Street's Silicon Valley whisperer," says direct listings are "absolutely" more efficient than IPOs

Thursday, 21/November/2019 - at 2:11 PM

Michael Grimes has been called “Wall Street’s Silicon Valley whisperer” for landing a seemingly endless string of coveted deals for his bank, Morgan Stanley. In more recent years, it has served as the lead underwriter for Facebook, Uber, Spotify and Slack. Grimes, who has been a banker for 32 years — 25 of…

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NBC News: Zuckerberg had an undisclosed dinner with the president

Thursday, 21/November/2019 - at 1:33 PM

Last month Mark Zuckerberg publicly made a trip to Capitol Hill as he testified in front of lawmakers about Facebook’s Libra cyptocurrency plans. Tonight NBC News has revealed that Zuckerberg also made another stop that was not previously disclosed — a dinner at the White House with Facebook board member Peter Thiel and…

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