RaySecur, a mailroom security startup, raises $3M in seed funding

Sunday, 8/December/2019 - at 6:23 PM

Raysecur says at least ten times a day someone sends a suspicious package containing powder, liquid, or some other kind of hazard. The Boston, Mass.-based startup says its desktop-sized 3D real-time scanning technology, dubbed MailSecur, can intercept and detect threats in the mailroom before they ever make it onto the office floor. Now,…

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Ericsson will pay over $1 billion to settle US corruption charges

Sunday, 8/December/2019 - at 5:44 PM

Tech companies have been caught in corruption scandals before, but seldom on this scale. Telecom giant Ericsson has settled with the US Justice Department and SEC for just under $1.1 billion over charges of extensive corruption in several countries, including China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. The company had been accused of violating the…

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Apple's redesigned Mac Pro will be available to order December 10th

Sunday, 8/December/2019 - at 2:15 PM

After half a year — or two years, if you really think about it — Apple’s reworked Mac Pro is close at hand. The company has notified interested customers that both the workstation and the Pro Display XDR will be available to order on December 10th. There’s still a lot Apple hasn’t said…

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'Free Guy' trailer shows a video game NPC without chains

Sunday, 8/December/2019 - at 12:20 PM

Fox has posted the first trailer for the video game action-comedy Free Guy, and it appears ready to answer a lingering question: what if the trivial non-player characters in your favorite shooter realized they were in a game? The clip shows actor, producer and new wireless magnate Ryan Reynolds as a blissfully oblivious…

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Porsche tests a four-motor powertrain for electric SUVs

Sunday, 8/December/2019 - at 10:25 AM

Porsche’s follow-ups to the Taycan may make its powerplants seem conservative by comparison. The Stuttgart crew has revealed that it’s working on a four-motor powertrain for electric SUVs, twice as many as what you’ll find in the Taycan. This isn’t about improving quarter mile times, though. Instead, the design is focused on control…

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