Using Android Pay: 5 things you need to know

Friday, 29/May/2015 - at 6:21 AM

Goodbye, Google Wallet! It’s Android Pay’s time to shine. Google has finally souped up its mobile payments system—though not too much. It’s a pretty straightforward upgrade, with a few new features added to make it more secure than its predecessor. If you’re interested in using it yourself, here’s a quick primer on what you need…

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Help Wanted: Robot to Fulfill Amazon Orders

Friday, 29/May/2015 - at 6:16 AM

Amazon awarded $20,000 to the creators of a robot that can fill orders most like a human, but it’s not going to replace employees yet.Amazon announced plans this week to hire 6,000 new warehouse workers to meet growing demand. They will join over 50,000 people currently manning dozens of Amazon fulfillment centers across the U.S.,…

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