IDG Contributor Network: Speaking modern code to your dev team

Wednesday, 1/July/2015 - at 5:28 AM

Being a senior-level IT executive has never been harder. Software technology is moving so fast, it’s nearly impossible to keep up: even a water-cooler conversation with a young dev can feel like trying to ask for directions in French on a street corner in Malaysia. The language has changed, the guideposts are different, and senior…

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Vulnerability In Security Service Lifelock Could Have Exposed Logins And Passwords

Wednesday, 1/July/2015 - at 5:23 AM

 A vulnerability discovered by security researchers Eric Taylor and Blake Welsh could turn an innocuous “refer-a-friend” page into a official-looking phishing page. By adding encoded HTML to the end of a basic URL, Taylor and his partner were able to simulate a Lifelock login page that could potentially grab usernames and passwords from unsuspecting users….

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Apple Music and Beats 1 launches to the world

Wednesday, 1/July/2015 - at 5:05 AM

iPhone (and Mac and iPad) owners get three months of free access to a ton of music, plus Beats 1. Jordan Golson provides the details. Apple Music and Beats 1 launches to the world Source: Tech Republic

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